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The Power to Save

Our customers save 20% on their
electricity bills. You can too.

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Lower Energy Bills

We guarantee you'll save money on your electric bill with solar.


Increased Home Value

According to recent studies, solar homes are more valuable.


Zero Maintenance

Should something need to be repaired or replaced, we cover it.


No Cost at Install

You won't pay a dime to get your system up and running.


Take the Power Back.

You choose where you work, what you eat, and what car you drive but you can't choose where you get your power. Now you can. LGCY Power makes it easy to start generating your own solar power and saving money.

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Lock in your Electricty Rate. 

You know when you open your utility bill and gasp because your electric rates suddenly went up? That won’t happen anymore. With LGCY Power, a Sunrun Certified Partner, we offer a guaranteed rate- and even better? We lock in those rates for 20 years.

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Go Green. Get Green.

Giving back to the environment never felt so good. Now you can harness the energy of the sun to power your home and save money in the process. Mother Nature would be so proud.

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